when people say that they are a direct selling network marketing consultant, they basically mean they have they are self employed are involved in a business that has a MLM set-up, they may not even be at the top of it, and thus may have been recruited themselves. They have people that work at their own self employed business, but whose sales effect their recruiters’ income.

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Knitting is an old craft form that you probably remember your great grandma, grandma or even your mother working tirelessly at. Animals have always been a popular choice to design knitting patterns in, especially if knitting with children in mind.

What would you do if your laptop or computer collapses? it is always a good idea to back up your data but don’t you think it is better to store them in a offsite data storage where you can access them in every computer?

Are you planning to buy a tablet but not sure which one to get? the two most popular ones are the iPad and the Blackberry playbook, if you want to know more details you should read this article

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If you live in a busy city such as London, New York, Paris or Chicago, the changes that you live in a small apartment unless you live outside the city center or have a lot of money; if you are not one of those lucky ones then there are a few things you can do improve your living space.

Solutions to sales marketing problems is the kind of marketing strategies that every marketing consultant should have easily available; however, if you are experiencing a hard time because of the recession, and may be looking for solutions to sales and marketing problems that you and your company are facing.